About HealingHer
HealingHer is a blueprint from post-traumatic growth. We are a female designed & run platform that educates women how to connect with themselves amidst sexual trauma; rewiring, repatterning & rerouting.

As advocates and supporters for the #MeToo & equal rights movement, we’ve been left asking #NowWhat? As a survivor, we don’t believe there are enough resources out there to understand what to do next. We have created an empowering program that enables us to turn our pain into power. HealingHer educates you on available options by pairing a practitioner to guide you through tools & exercises you can implement today. There is not just one modality that fixes everything, so we aim to bridge the gap between alternative, holistic and western therapies. We don’t aspire to survive, we are ready to thrive. It is our birthright to find happiness, it is our mission to help you.  

Join our HealingHer journey if you are ready to:

● Increase your awareness of, and access to, inner strengths and outside resources
● Challenge yourself to reconnect, so that you can restore a healthy mental & emotional framework
● Increase sense of confidence and find comfort within
● Let go of the residue of past trauma
● Reduce symptoms of depression & anxiety
● Regain quality of life
● Reignite sexual function

HealingHer equips you with best practices so you can take action today.
Get in touch: healingherco@gmail.com
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